Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Highlights: Check What happened at home that many contestants became emotional: In Bigg Boss 13, the game of anger, love, quarrel, revenge has started and the contestants have been locked in the house for a week. On the weekend, Salman Khan spoke to the family members of the weekend and also held a class of all the contestants. But this time Salman Khan announced that no contestants will be out of the house this weekend.

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There was a time in the show that showed fight, anger, revenge, when most of the contestants became centa and had tears in their eyes. This was the occasion when Bigg Boss ex contestant Hina Khan participated in the show. Hina Khan was in a super market, where one by one the contestants were called and Hina Khan talked to everyone and gave them tips for further.

Super Market

During that time many food items were lying in the super market and Hina Khan was present. Hina Khan asked the contestants coming to the super market that you can take any food item from here or listen to the message of your special relative, friend, householder. During this time, all the participants except Paras wanted to hear the message. At the same time, Paras had chosen 3 chocolates.

In this supermarket, the participants got a little emotional after picking the message of their well-wishers and they had tears in their eyes. After that Hina Khan gave him courage and also gave some tips for further. During this, Rashmi Desai was given the message of friend Ankita Lokhande, Krishna Abhishek’s sister Aarti Singh to Krishna Abhishek, Debolina to his mother, Siddharth Shukla to his sister. At this time all the participants get emotional.

Apart from this, Salman Khan spoke to all the contestants on the weekend weekend. During this time balloons were tied over the participants’ heads, which were misunderstood balloons. During this time, any participant was to blow a balloon by stating a misunderstanding of the other participant and it was the most misunderstood Siddharth Dey.

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