Tulsi Vivah 2019: Tulsi marriage is incomplete without this story: Tulsi marriage is celebrated on the Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month i.e. Dev Prabodhani Ekadashi. This time, two dates of Tulsi marriage are coming out. Some scholars believe that Tulsi marriage is on 8 November and some say that Tulsi marriage is on 9 November. It is believed that those who are deprived of girl happiness, if they marry Tulsi with Lord Shaligram on this day, then they get the fruits equal to the female donation. People can start all auspicious works from this day. Tulsi marriage is incomplete without the legend. Let’s know the story of Tulsi marriage.

Story of Tulsi marriage:

In the very old times there used to be an evil demon named Jalandhar, he was married to a girl named Vrinda. Vrinda was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and used to worship him throughout the day. She also loved her husband very much and was devoted to him.

Vrinda’s devotion to God was so deep that her husband Jalandhar had the boon that no one would ever beat him. He will be invincible. This is the reason that Jalandhar had become very egoistic and tyrannical. Even he started harassing Apsaras and Dev girls. All the gods and goddesses of heaven, fed up with this, requested Lord Vishnu for help.

On the persuasion of the gods, Lord Vishnu took the false form of Jalandhar and broke the husbandry religion of the devotee Vrinda. Due to this, Jalandhar became very weak and he died in the war with the gods, but when distraught at the mourning of the death of her husband, Vrinda got angry when she came to know about this trick of Lord Vishnu and cursed her to become a stone. given.

Tulsi Vivah 2019

But the Gods and Goddesses requested Vrinda to take back his curse. Vrinda withdrew his curse, but Lord Vishnu revealed his part in a stone to keep the curse of his devotee Vrinda, it is called Shaligram.

But Vrinda’s grief from her husband’s disconnection did not subside and even after cursing and withdrawing, she sati with her husband’s body. Where there was ashes of Vrinda’s pyre, there was a plant of holy basil. The gods got Tulsi married to Shaligrama, another form of Lord Vishnu, in order to keep the obedience of husband Vrinda.

The day it happened, on that day it was Kartik Shukla Ekadashi i.e. Dev Prabodhani Ekadashi. Since then, the tradition of marrying Tulsi and Shaligram on the day of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi has been going on.

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