Principal suspended for embarrassing act in school and lady teachers said we made mistake so forgive: The case of obscene antics with two female teachers by the principal at Government Senior Secondary School, Datarpur, Talwara block in the district has caught fire. The education department has taken a tough step after the video of the embarrassing antics of the principal and female teachers went viral.

Principal Vikram Singh has been suspended with immediate effect. Action can also be taken on female teachers. The female teachers are said to have said, “We made a mistake, forgive me.” On the other hand, people protested against the whole affair. People demanded that both women teachers be suspended.

People demonstrated, both women teachers also demanded action

A large number of people demonstrated outside the school and raised fierce slogans. People used to say that in school we send children to study so that they can become better human beings. There are very bad effects on children due to such incidents and it cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. People demanded that strict action be taken against both women teachers and sacking them and the principal.

Presently, after being suspended, the principal’s duty is placed in the District Education Officer office of Tarn Taran. A departmental inquiry has also been started against the principal. On the other hand, after the video went viral, the inquiry committee has also recommended action against the female teachers, because their consent with the principal has also come to light in the video.

DEO and DEO sent report to high officials by inquiry committee, education secretary took action

After the video went viral, DEO Secondary Mohan Singh Lehal constituted an inquiry committee headed by Deputy DEO Rakesh Kumar and Principal Suresh Kumari of Government Senior Secondary School Girls Sector 3 Talwara. On Monday, both the officers reached the school and investigated the viral video of pornographic activity for about three hours. The concerned female teacher had also appeared before the inquiry committee, but Principal Vikram Singh did not come to school, using the excuse of medical leave.

The committee had recorded the statements of the teachers. The inquiry committee submitted its report to DEO Mohan Singh Lehal. The DEO then sent the report to higher officials recommending action. After receiving the inquiry report, Krishna Kumar, Secretary, Department of Education, issued an order suspending Principal Vikram Singh with immediate effect. This has been confirmed by DEO Mohan Singh Lehal.

 We made a mistake, forgive

In their explanation, the women teachers defended and said that they had made a mistake, forgive them. Although the official is not ready to tell anything yet, but according to sources, the inquiry committee has also accused two women teachers as accused. In such a situation, it is believed to fall on them.

This is the case

In the viral video, the principal of Government Senior Secondary School Datarpur, Vikram Singh is doing obscene acts with two female teachers. However, the female teachers are not protesting during this period. On this the Education Department set up an inquiry committee. When the video of the principal and female teachers’ dirty antics inside the office of the school went viral, the matter was exposed and there was an uproar.

In the social media video, the school principal is seen committing indecent acts on two different days from two female teachers in his office. It is seen in the video that the principal first summons the female teachers to him and then after observing them here and there, indulges in obscene acts with them. Someone made a video of these antics and made it viral in social media.



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